Ragnarok Online 2 - Trendsetter Fashionista's Pack Key Steam GLOBAL

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Your Graduation day has finally arrived, and now you are setting off into the world to battle for Justice and earn a name for yourself in Midgard. Start off your journey with this starter pack of items giving you a month of Buffs to start your legend off in Style! 2900+ Points worth of Items! Package Contains: 30 Day VIP Package Card Album (30 Day) For storing excess cards 10EA Spinel: For restoring your gear or yourself back to full health even if you have already fainted 10EA Pump It Up Hard Pill: Increase Haste, Hit, Vigor and Critical rate by 5% for 10 Minutes. VIP Membership Card (30 Day) +5 Str/Int/AGI/WIS/VIT +10% HP/SP +20% Movement Speed Bonus Winner Points when completing instanced dungeons Poring Name Tag10EA Phantom Stone Play the Phantom Pyramid to win special in-game items, gear and powerups!30 Day Mount: Rickshaw A Rocker driven Rickshaw to get you around the countryside at 170% normal movement speed!Adventurer Package Adventurer's Shop Discount Order: 10% Discount on prices from all NPC shops for 24 hours. Adventurer's Khara Title Scroll: Increase the bonus from Khara titles by 20% for 24 hours. Adventurers's Battle Manual Order: Receive 20% more EXP from monster hunting for 24 hours. 1EA Pump It Up Pill: Increase Haste, Hit, Vigor and Critical rate by 2% for 10 Minutes.