Visual Basic - Working with Collections and Event-Driven Programming Alison Course GLOBAL - Parchment Certificate Framed

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Learn how to program with collections, LINQ, and enumerations and implement event-driven programming and handling exceptions.Visual Basic - Working with Collections and Event-Driven Programming introduces you to how to use collections in Visual Basic and the difference between generic and nongeneric collections. You will learn to create your own dictionary and learn about its uses.This course will introduce you to LINQ, the two forms of it - query syntax and method syntax, the differences between them and when to use each of them in your code. You will also learn about Enumerations and the Select Case decision statement.The second module of this course will inform you on event-driven programming. You will learn about events and how they are used in Visual Basic. You will be able to handle exceptions that occur within an application and learn the best way to build applications that will not crash by using the ‘Try Catch’, ‘End Try’ code block. In the end, the course will guide you on the various software programs that you can learn about next in order for you to strengthen your skills as a software developer.This course is video-based; you will learn the content through step-by-step tutorials allowing you to see how the software works. You will be able to pause and rewind the videos to learn the content at your own pace. This course is suitable for learners who have previous experience using Visual Basic and software developers looking to enhance their learning on the programming language used in Visual Basic.